Dr. Sick

Hi world, new to this site, but I write songs for other artists all the time, and work really well when given direction! I've got a humble home studio and am looking forward to making music at your request. I play a couple dozen instruments and like programming beats, any genre!

((( That is the introductory price for the first 10 songs only, then ^$^, cuz this is a tonne of work, but I love this kind of thing! Challenge me with genre, or come up with a couple lyrics or even just a song title. The more details to your request, the better that song is gonna be! example 1: Dude, I always wanted to hear Tom Waits sing in a thrash metal band, can you make that a thing? Make it about a satanic junkyard or something Waits-y but totally evil and stuff. example 2: HEY SICKO! I want a country/bluegrass song about making passionate love to a tractor, and you better play that fiddle! Plus I wanna play along, so can you write it in a good guitar key? example 3: So what if there was like, techno with a real string section but not Bjork sounding, but super gothy, and the song is called something like Garden of Liars... you got this? I. F*ing. DARE. You. )))

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