MC Paul Barman

*The crested bird of nested words* Making songs is my favorite thing in the world and I am so glad my buddy Rami built this platform. Thank you Rami!! For years I've been making songs and scrolls for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more. Check out song-rep proof of concept below from lyrix I chatted to Rami on the fly a few nights ago, Produced by Small Pro. ✌️ 🎤 YESTIMONIALS: "My brain short-circuited, my heart exploded, I shit my pants (figuratively) and then the tears started flowing. The best gift that anyone has ever given anybody." -- Valerie, Ontario 🦉 "The best wedding gift ever! I played the song during the reception after passing out copies of the lyrics to all of the guests. Everyone loved the way he explored the couple's history through skillful wordplay and rhyme. They were also inspired to get up and dance! It was a pleasure working with Paul to put this together for my friend's special day." -- Dr Freeze, Bmore 🧶 "Prophetic." -- Josh, NY 🎨

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