When will I know if the artist has accepted or denied my Songdap request?

The artist must respond to your request within 48 hours. Currently, if the request times out, we count it as a denial.

What happens to my payment if the artist denies my song request?

Once you submit your request, we place a hold on your credit card for up to 48 hours. If the song request is denied, the charge will not be processed.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged when the artist accepts your song request.

How will I receive my Songdap?

You will receive or can retrieve your Songdap as a downloadable file in several ways:
Email - Please provide us with the actual email address you use so that you don’t miss it!
Download from - You can download your Songdap from our website at any time. Simply log in to your account and click on My Songdaps

When will I receive my Songdap?

You will receive your Songdap within 2 weeks from the date the artist approves your request.
We strongly encourage you to submit your request more than 2 weeks before the date you need it – just in case. Life happens.

Can I speed up the delivery?

You can’t rush greatness!! At least not in a beta launch. We are hoping to add a rush feature soon.

My Songdap is late! What do I do?

Contact us here and we will reach out to the artist and see what’s up.
You can also submit an artist complaint to Songdap’s artist management division here or leave a review for a particular artist here.

Why was my Songdap request denied?

There are several reasons an artist may deny a song request. Sometimes it’s because of a simple scheduling conflict. Sometimes the song request violates Songdap’s rules of conduct. but in a nutshell, we ask fans to refrain from being creepy, rude, inappropriate, or unreasonable.

Can I share my Songdap on social media sites?

Yes! Feel free to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, wherever. Go wild.

Can I use my Songdap in a radio or television commercial?

No! You do not own the commercial licensing rights to your Songdap. The artist maintains all recording and performance rights to a song. This means that you cannot use it to generate sales or income in any way. This is not a jingle or work-for-hire piece. You cannot use it in any radio or television commercial. Please review our user terms and conditions for more information.

Can I pay an additional fee to use my Songdap for commercial purposes (i.e.,as a jingle for a television commercial)?


Can I make my Songdap private?

No. Because you don’t own the rights to the song, we cannot control how the artist decides to use it. They are free to record it for an upcoming album or perform your song at a live concert. (How cool would that be!?!) So ... don’t include any information that you want to keep private or any private information about someone else that would violate United States privacy laws

How do I contact customer support?

You can email customer support "support at"

Can I update my request after it has already been submitted?

You may update your request only within the first 48 hours after submission.

I’m not happy with my song. Can I get a refund?

All sales are final unless they fail to meet Songdap’s definition of a song.

Can I request a revision?

Sorry, no. All sales are final unless they fail to meet Songdap’s definition of a song.

Artist Faqs

How do I become a Songdap artist?

You can request to join Songdap on our homepage. For now, we are only accepting a limited number of artists

How are prices determined?

Artists set their own prices.

I received a song request – now what?

You have 48 hours to decide whether to accept or deny the request.

How long do I have to create a Songdap?

Two weeks from the date you accept a request.

My Songdap is complete. How do I upload it?

You can upload it in your dashboard.

What is the revenue split?

After payment processor fees, artists receive 85% and Songdap keeps 15%. In order to be fair to all, this is a non-negotiable rate.

Who owns the rights to the Songdaps I create?

You do! (Unless a music agency owns the rights to all of your work.) But not your Songdap recipient. The person who buys your Songdap cannot use it commercially in any way. Please refer to our user terms and conditions here.

Can you help me decide on an appropriate price?

Yes! We are happy to help. Please contact our artist management team for assistance at

Can I pause Songdap requests while I’m on tour?

Yes, you set your own schedule. Simply log in to your account and turn off your availability.

I’m concerned about fans being creepy. Will I have direct contact with my fans?

No way. That’s why we are here. We are your middle man. Fans will not be able to contact you directly through Songdap. Your personal information is safe and secure.

Can I decline a Songdap request?

Yes. You can decline any request for any reason – particularly if the request violates our terms and conditions. In fact, we encourage you to report any fans who violate our terms and conditions here.

What is the process like start to finish?

1. A fan submits a song request.
2. You have 48 hours to decide whether to accept or deny the request.
3. If you deny the request, the fan is disappointed, but his/her credit card will not be charged.
4. If you accept the request, your fan is going to freak (in a good way)! His or her credit card will be charged the full amount
5. Songdap holds that payment until your song is delivered.
6. You have up to 2 weeks to deliver the song, but the sooner the better.
7. You write and record an original song that your fan will love forever.
8.You upload the song file to your Songdap account.
9. We review the song to make sure everything is cool.
10. We send the Songdap to your fan.
11. Money magically appears in your bank account. Bonus points for turning a fan into a SUPER FAN FOR LIFE!

What constitutes a “song”?

A Songdap song:

How do I get paid?

When you set up your Songdap artist account, you will enter your direct deposit information. Your earnings (80% of total commission) will be deposited when your Songdap is reviewed and delivered.

What if I don’t deliver on time?

You don’t get paid. And you probably get a bad customer review.

Once I accept a Songdap request, can I back out?

No. This is very uncool. These are your biggest fans! If you back out, a) you will really disappoint a fan and possibly ruin their wife’s surprise party; b) the fan will leave you a scathing review on the site; and c) depending on the circumstances and frequency, we may block you from the site forever.

Can I donate my Songdap proceeds to charity?

Absolutely! Currently, we do not have this feature built into the platform, but you can simply send your proceeds to the charity of your choice. Soon, we hope to add a feature to connect artists with their favorite charities seamlessly within the Songdap site.